Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Another Last Minute Reservation at Pizzeria Mozza!

It was meant to be. Gail, knowing us so well, recently got us a Mozza gift card for our 2nd wedding anniversary. We've been going back and forth trying to decide when to use it: pre- or post-baby? I'm sure we'll definitely need a night out after too long with our little one but who's to say when that will actually be able to happen. We're really trying to save $ right now in preparation for baby, so a great dinner out on Gail seems perfectly suited to now. (For more on pre-baby dining quests, see Jonah's extensive posts at la.foodblogging here.)

Our stomachs spoke. M wanted to go to some opening at a gallery on Crescent Heights and Beverly, so Mozza came to mind. After I got home from work we gave them a ring and miraculously they had a 6:15 reservation for us! Yay!

Perfect as usual. We ordered the brussels sprouts which we adore. Like candy. Since I'm pregnant, cured meats are out the window which means the prosciutto bread crumbs are not an option. Honestly, they don't even need them, they're that good. But M gets all of the crumbs, so he's a happy one. We also got the beets with horseradish, which they've been out of the last few times we've been. Really fresh, bright, and sharp. And so Passover appropriate!

Choosing a pizza is especially challenging on the pregnancy diet as almost all of their heavenly pies have some sort of sausage (the lovely fennel sausage - nitrates), cured meat (guanciale, speck, salame - nitrates/nitrites), or blue cheese. So we got what we got last time and enjoyed it just as much: the rapini, cherry tomato, anchovy, olives, and chiles. Divine! The anchovies are packed with Omega 3's which are great for our Lambchop's brain and eye development and they're low in mercury so highly recommended. The pizza was slightly spicy, salty, and just so good. I could have easily eaten four more.

The best part? We have enough left over on the gift card for at least one more dinner! Thanks again Gail!

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Food, she thought. said...

I cannot BELIEVE you got a ressie there at the last minute. I have called 2x 30 days in advance and not been able to get a ressie before 9, damnit!

And bless your little Lambchop! S/he was nomming on all that nomminess!!!

Deborah Dowd said...

Wow! I had no idea that there were so many food restrictions being pregnant these days. I guess I am glad I had my (6) children before we knew so much about what is good and bad. It was a lot simpler then- alcohol bad, fish, cheese, spinach, eggs, red meat all good!

The very best to you and your baby- it is such a special time.

Susan L. said...

Thanks for the good wishes, ladies!

jj said...

Hope this finds you feeling well; I had no clue either of the restrictions on a diet when pregnant!

Los Angeles lofts said...

Mozza is the best Chicago Pizza I have has on the west coast. Make sure you arrive with plenty of time as it takes 45 minutes to make fresh.

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