Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Search for Chicken Soup in the Hood is Over: Rodeo Mexican Grill

So my honey had a wretched case of some sort of food poisoning throughout the night. I'll spare you the details. After spending the day sleeping and drinking water, he finally got his appetite back and was craving chicken soup.

But the age old question: where to go in Echo Park/Silver Lake for a soothing bowl of chicken soup? He remembered noticing that Rodeo Grill, a Mexican place he frequents often, had such a soup. So off I went to Rodeo. Honestly, we weren't expecting much. I guess we just think of Rodeo for burritos, taquitos, etc.

Would you believe that they serve an absolutely delicious chicken soup, loaded with hunks of potatoes, squash, and chicken? It's true. Delicately flavored with cilantro and not too salty, we have found our local cold/flu/under the weather potion!


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Sam said...

Bummer. I'm still looking for the right chicken soup in the hood, (besides Langer's which is in the family and delicious. And will bring the order out to your car!)

I saw this post and got excited, but as soon as I saw the cilantro flavor I knew my search wasn't over.

It's been a while, where are you eating now... in your new ...?

dave said...

i was also quite excited and then also quite heartbroken by the existence of that horrible, horrible disgusting fishy soap tasting weed called cilantro. no thanks!

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