Monday, May 28, 2007


We're on the 2, headed to Zeke's, one of our go-to places for sometimes good, sometimes heavenly BBQ. Is Zeke's the best or our favorite Q in LA? No, but on a lazy Sunday, when we don't want to risk traffic on the 10 (for Phillips) and we just want a comfy family cafe, Zeke's fits the bill.
And Honolulu Avenue in Montrose always inspires fantasies of small town living.

Slightly overdressed Caesar but sharp and garlicky.
And.....the money shot! These happened to be some mighty fine baby backs. Zeke's new smoker has made an incredible difference in the quality of their ribs.

Zeke's Smokehouse
2209 Honolulu Ave., Montrose


Jonah said...

Have you tried Baby Blues BBQ in Venice? That's our go-to spot for ribs around here. Here's my write up.

Susan L. said...

LOVE Baby Blues! But it's quite the schlep for us in Silver Lake.