Monday, July 2, 2007

A Lovely Summer Evening

A few Saturdays ago, Jess and Jed hosted an absolutely lovely and mostly vegetarian dinner party at their home in Silver Lake.

Jess made lentils which were delicious, hints of cinnamon and curry. Sometimes lentils just hit the spot and are so comforting. These balanced out the meal perfectly.

Jed manned the grill, expertly preparing and serving the meaty portobello mushroom burgers.

David Korty had his opening that night at China Art Objects so I believe everyone saw his show before heading to he dinner party. As we were leaving the show, we bumped into Brett and Jen who were driving into the parking lot. Now Jen is indeed quite the cook, but I couldn't believe she drove around town with Mario Batali's cookbook on her lap. Turned out that they had just realized the dinner party was a potluck and were planning their last minute dish which, of course, turned out to be fabulous. Below, grilled shrimp. Simple and summery.
For dessert, Max made strawberry shortcakes with a lemon verbena infused whipped cream from the Chez Panisse Fruit cookbook. A perfect end.

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