Saturday, April 7, 2007

REVIEW: La Flor De Yucatan Bakery

OK, am I the last person to fall in love with La Flor de Yucatan? I know some Chowhound regulars are already under its spell and so we finally gave in and tried it for lunch yesterday.

Let me back up a bit.

After our dinner at Chichen Itza on Friday, we wondered if there was better cochinita pibil to be had in LA. After a quick search around Chowhound and some local blogs, I was reminded of La Flor de Yucatan and we had ourselves an impromptu cochinita pibil taste test.

From our home in Silver Lake, it was a quick drive down Rampart to this earthy location just west of Downtown. Let me first say that Marc, the "Cake and Food Consultant" is one of the kindest, friendliest, and warmest people one could meet. Marc chatted with us while we waited for our order, sharing his thoughts on Chichen Itza, his business, Chowhound, and Mexico. I was running through my list of single women I know in my head because, let me tell you, this guy is a catch. Who knows if he's single!

Onto the food, we shared an order of cochinita pibil tacos (4), panuchos (3), and a bolobones filled with cream cheese and jalapenos. I really wanted to love Chichen Itza and we actually thought the cochinita pibil wasn't half bad. Yet all it took was one bite of La Flor de Yucatan's cochinita and we knew we had found nirvana. Juicy, so tender, and loaded with citrusy notes, it was amazing. Honestly, I was full after one taco so the panucho was good but unnecessary.

Marc came out to the patio table where we were eating lunch to ask how we were enjoying everything. We happily told him that his little bakery easily topped Chichen Itza in many ways and we would be back and spreading the word.

M and I shared bolobones for dessert as we walked to our car. Our first bolobones, we loved the combination of flaky pastry with rich cream cheese and jalapeno. Sinful, but fabulous.

Marc and a bakery worker.
The panuchos - beautiful.
This picture is deceptive...may I present La Flor de Yucatan's cochinita pibil.

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Carmen said...


I'm headed to L.A. for work for a few days and came across your La Flor de Yucatan review on chowhounds. Is it open for dinner, or is it pretty much a lunch place? It sounds fantastic and based on the descriptions this is definitely not familiar territory for me, but as a foodie, it sounds like something I have to try. The only afternoon I might have to make it there would be Saturday.

As for Chichen Itza, it sounds like a good option for dinner one night. I'll pretty much be flying solo, is there a bar where I could sit and eat?

Are there 2 or 3 restaurants that are within a decent cab ride from the Staples center (I'm staying at the Biltmore) that you would definitely recommend checking out (I pretty much dig any type of cuisine) and that might be suitable for a solo diner?

I'll check back here, but if you do read this by Friday and feel like it, you could also email to

Nice blog, BTW!