Sunday, March 25, 2007

REVIEW: Dinner at Izayoi **

Izayoi was perfect for a casual Saturday night out with M. Little Tokyo is so darn close to us in Silver Lake, we really have no excuse for not exploring its eateries more. I had remembered reading about it in the Eating LA blog a while ago and thought = beer + small plates? Sign me up! Enjoy a pictorial journey of our dinner. Oh and it was great! We'll be back. ($49 + tip, big bottle of Asahi, six dishes)

1. Miso Soup: wonderfully soothing

2. Garlic Butter Flavored Grilled Mussels: the chefs cut them in half so very easy to eat, beautifully prepared and super garlicky.

3. Shrimp and Scallop Macaroni Gratin: Unbelievably rich, not that that's a problem, in moderation of course. Creamy, rich with chunks of scallop and shrimp...I'm so glad it was a fairly small portion because this dish takes comfort food to a whole new level and I easily could have eaten a huge serving.
4. Smashed Edamame on top of Homemade Tofu: Did not remotely appeal to me but M wanted to try it so...He reported that it was soft, cool, and cleansing.
5. Black Cod Marinated in Sake and Miso: How beautiful is that? Wonderful too, buttery, delicate, and simple.
6. Minced Sardine wrapped with Shiso and Deep Fried: The most adventurous plate we ordered (we're wusses, I know) and I think the consensus was that this was so-so, kind of bland. A tempura batter, citrusy, herby, almost like chopped liver inside.

(Rating system borrowed from S. Irene Virbila, LA Times) Rating is based on food, service and ambiance, with price taken into account in relation to quality.
** Outstanding.
*** Excellent.
* Very good.
* Good.
No star: Poor to satisfactory

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