Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday Highs and Lows

Looking back, I should have been able to predict the outcome of yesterday's culinary adventures but that's the thing about hindsight, it's always so clear.

It was Louisa's birthday bowling extravaganza last night so I took the opportunity to try out Ina Garten's recipe for chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. Long story short, wonderful cupcakes. In my opinion, just what a cupcake should be: light, not too dense or sweet, with a perfect ratio of cake to frosting and in a serving size that could never be called over the top.

The obvious low point of Saturday was our dinner at TGIF. I guess M and I so rarely go to these kinds of chain restaurants that we always forget just how miserable they are in so many ways. Did I mention we were in Orange County? Listen, I don't have any real beef against the OC, it's just an entirely different ballgame.

The bowling alley was in a Grove-type mall and since there are no TGIF's near us in Silver Lake and neither of us had ever been to one (or if we had, we were blocking the memory) we thought, "How bad could it be?"

Our server was nice enough, and the buffalo wings (we had to!) were fine. But the "Cedar-Seared Salmon Pasta" was dreadful. Why we didn't just order a burger, I do not know. The salmon was so over-cooked, it was inedible.

Needless to say, I can't imagine when we'll ever go to a TGIF again.

Loved finally meeting Louisa's partner, Liz after hearing so many stories at work. And although I can't bowl to save my life, we had a great time at Lucky Strike.

On the quick half-hour drive home, M and I agreed that we're relieved to live in Silver Lake, where we couldn't find a TGIF even if we wanted to.

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Sam said...

I can't believe you ate at TGIF! =) Last time I ate there I was in high school.
Although, I have eaten at Chili's recently. (The one at LAX right before a flight.) The buffalo wings were so salty they burned my tongue.