Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fashion Shows, Gallery Openings, and Gophers -Oh My!

Whew, we had quite a busy Friday in our little world. After work, I drove across town to our friend Jasmin's studio where she was putting on an impromptu show for her Fall 2007 collection. I was clearly out of my element as I went through the interrogation at the door, "What is your name and who are you with?" Um, my husband? With Jasmin? What I should have said was "I'm with Vogue," but I didn't think of it at the time.
Happily settling in, I sampled a couple glasses of champagne, chocolates and macaroons from Boule. Sitting on the couch with M, we watched the models as they did their thing, photographers snapping away as each outfit debuted. Jasmin's work is beautifully constructed, utilizing her architectural sensibility and amazing fabrics. Way out of my price range, but lovely to look at. I noticed only one celebrity but I know Jasmin has plenty of important fans.
M and I then shlepped back across town to Chinatown where M's old professor from the Art Institute of Chicago was having a show. Again a scene, but one I'm more used to. We chatted with some of our favorite people (Brett, Mari Rebecca) and M got to catch up with Gaylen.
All dressed up and it being 9pm, we decided to hop on over to the Golden Gopher in Downtown LA. Much to our surprise, our neighbor works there and graciously treated us to heavenly margaritas. Some canoodling with my honey and then it was home sweet home.